Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dim Sum brunch = big nap later

Organized a dim sum gathering for a grad school friend's birthday at Mark's Duck House. Our table looked like the Model UN and included two dim sum novices who preferred vegetarian items.  One might have caved and tried a shrimp dish or two.  I had heard that bacon was the gateway to meat for vegetarians, but maybe it's shrimp dumplings at dim sum.   Dim sum is a great group dining option that becomes more economical the more people you can gather together.  There's also something fun about sharing bites and good conversation between sips of hot tea. Learned the merits of dandelion tea today too as a foil for the grease. 
We had gai lan, baby roast pork, stuffed crab claws, baby clams in black bean sauce, chive and shrimp dumplings, har gao, vegetable dumplings, chicken feet, vegetable noodles, turnip cake, spring rolls, shumai, shrimp in crepe noodle, sesame balls, mini egg custard tarts and a few others. 
I had everyone meet for the first seating at 10 am.  In hindsight, we could have met a bit later, but it was definitely nice to not have to wait for a hour for a table.  Love watching the carts passing by too.  There's a sense of anticipation and wondering what the next cart will hold.  The only downside about dim sum at Mark's is their lack of congee.   The birthday boy shared a bit of wisdom too...Why do people balk at eating chicken feet but eat pork butt without a second thought?

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