Sunday, September 30, 2012

Turkish Festival in DC

In its 10th year, I finally checked out the Turkish Festival with an MBA friend. It was a stunning fall day, sunny and at times even hot, and a lot of fun. We met up on the early side, just after noon, which was a good idea. We were able to pick up some different Turkish foods while the lines were manageable.
 When I think of Turkish food, one of the big ones is 'doner kabab'. 
 While wandering around before my friend arrived, I checked out all of the food stalls to see what they were offering.
 Picked up some tasty dolmas (stuffed grape leaves) from TurCuisine and a bottle of water. These were nicely wrapped and a great start to the day.
 After my friend arrived, we picked up a doner sandwich from Istanbul Doner.
 A small side of baklava with the doner sandwich.
 This was definitely not what I had imagined when I ordered the beef doner.
The bread was a little less than fresh. I ended up eating only the beef. bah...kind of a waste of calories.
 Pretty baklava, in a sweet glaze.
 Hmmm...feeling like a lemming, we got into the longest line at Kazan. Maybe these people knew something we didn't?
 This is more like it. A spinning hunk of lamb on a spit being sliced off with what reminded me of electric hair clippers.
 Sliced lamb and sliced chicken for doner sandwiches.
 Spin and roast my pretty...Clearly the chicken in the middle was not the go-for item.
 Why hello...this is much more like it. Delicious, albeit greasy doner lamb sandwich.
I never found the place that had a nicely stuffed doner in pita that we saw a couple enjoying near us.
Ezme had a booth too.
This is one of my favorite Turkish meze joints in Dupont. Their muhammara dip is fantastic.
We watched some fun dance performances too at the main stage. I really appreciated that they set up a whole seating area with folding chairs. This helped ensure a good view of the stage and a good place to sit down, eat some fun Turkish food, and enjoy the festival. 

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