Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lighthouse Tofu

What a long week at work. We both attended a lot of events, including a full day conference on Myanmar/Burma. After getting home on Friday, we did our Rush Fit workout and then headed over to Annandale for some Korean food.
 Assorted pan chan.
We ordered a large seafood pancake (hamul pajeon), large Cass beer and a bottle of soju, and two mushroom soon dubu, one spicy, one spicy spicy.
Leftover soon dubu.
Spicy on the left (orange), spicy spicy version on the right (red).
For brunch on Saturday, we finished the leftover pajeon, soon dubu, rice with tea and fried salted mackerel with arugula salad. The mackerel is a super healthy oily fish, but wow it's a pungent item to cook indoors. My Korean friend looked at me like I was nuts for cooking this indoors when I told her about it.

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