Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pete's Apizza in Clarendon pre-Godfather 2 Viewing

Owning a house is expensive in the greater DC area. One of the benefits of renting in the Clarendon area is apartment buildings with high-end amenities, like the building one of my friends lives in. She has a fabulous gym, party room and even a movie viewing room with large screen and comfortable theater seating. Before watching the Godfather 2, we gathered at Pete's Apizza in Clarendon for dinner. 
 Small Spinach Salad
Goat cheese, roasted tomato, pine nuts and a kalamata olive dressing on baby spinach.
This was a surprisingly delicious salad. I need to fmake the olive dressing at home.
Large pizza, half with clams and garlic, half with broccoli rabe, Italian sausage and pepperoni.
The crust...oh the crust was fantastic, thin with a great crunch and good flavor. The husband was definitely not a fan of the clam pizza option, at all. He did like the other half a lot. Good pizza, nice establishment, and a great meal before watching how every family has a Fredo.

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