Sunday, September 23, 2012

Daniel O'Connell's Restaurant in Old Town Alexandria

After the August lull, our work schedules have kicked back up into full gear. I couldn't find enough relevant think tank events to attend in August, and now have to deliberate which timely and interesting-sounding event to attend. We're also working longer hours. Feeling unmotivated to cook dinner, we stopped off at a local restaurant after work. We haven't been back to O'Connell's since my parents visited half a year ago.
A very literal dish of Chicken Curry.
Diced Chicken in a Curry Sauce on white rice. The husband liked it, but we were surprised there were no vegetables included all.
Feeling a touch of fall in the air, I chose the Irish Shepherd's Pie.
Seriously savory and comforting with a light salad on the side. The cast iron keeps the meat and potatoes nice and hot. I'm definitely ordering this again.
Best thing: The husband didn't have to wash dishes, and I didn't spend over an hour in the kitchen finagling something edible out of the refrigerator after a long day of work. Win-Win.

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