Sunday, September 23, 2012

Nationals vs. Dodgers Game

The husband was given a pair of tickets to the Nationals Game on Thursday against the Dodgers. He had a colleague from Tokyo in DC for a few days for a conference, so we picked up a game day ticket for him. We introduced his colleague to probably DC's most famous food, Ben's Chili Bowl halfsmoke all the way.
While not a thing of beauty, this is seriously delicious ballpark treat.
Halfsmoke (combination of sausage and hotdog flavor) topped with shredded cheese, beef chili, diced raw onions, mustard and melted cheese.
Feeling ambitious, the husband and Kaneko-san ate two each.
This was our first time this season to watch the Nationals at the stadium, and a fantastic night to go. For the first time in decades, the Nationals won the game and secured their bid to post-season play. Surprisingly, the Nationals have been in first place of the Nationals East Coast division. 

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