Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hong Kong Palace in Seven Corners

We love spicy food. The husband and I are both heat-seekers, but in different ways. He loves when he eats spicy peppers that make him sweat rivers. I love the ma-la deliciousness of Sichuan peppercorns with a nice heat the hits the tongue in different areas. I find myself grinding up some Sichuan peppercorns into just about anything and crave the spice and heat. 
We headed over to Seven Corners last night to assuage my Sichuan cravings. We saw a few couples waiting, but by the time we parked, a few tables turned over and we were seated at a table after a brief wait. This is not a fancy restaurant, and you shouldn't come expecting to order Americanized Chinese. Despite the moniker, this is not Cantonese but Sichuan. 
Dan Dan Mein
The noodles in this version as similar to linguine, which is a bit weird. You have to toss the noodles in the sauce, which collects at the bottom of the bowl. This version is not as spicy as Sichuan Pavilion and Sichuan Jin River.
Zhong Dumplings with pork and spicy sauce.
Needing something green to cut through the impending oil and spice, sauteed spinach with garlic.
Mapo Tofu
This version has slices of leeks.
Beef and vegetables in spicy broth.
This is similar to to tender beef, and the sour cabbage and celery add a nice vinegary bite to the hot and spicy dish. 
We took home the leftovers, which made a fantastic brunch with the addition of some more vegetables to the beef dish the next day. Sometime soon we're going to have to order some of the Sichuan dishes from Great Wall to compare mala and spice. 

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