Sunday, September 23, 2012

Meaza Ethiopian Restaurant on Columbia Pike

Most of the well-known Ethiopian restaurants are located in DC. On the weekend, the last thing I want to do is venture back into the city. Instead, since moving down to Alexandria, I've been trying to check out some different Virginia restaurants. Since the husband isn't a super fan of Ethiopian food, I had to wait to try out Meaza until a lunch date with one of my friends. 
Lentil Sambusa
Interestingly crispy on the outside but a little cold on the inside. The lentil filling had a nice spice.
Vegetable Super Combo with another dish of  Beef Tibs with butter and spices. 
I liked most of the vegetable varieties, except for the red one with pieces of injera. The tibs came out in a sizzling hot plate. 
Meaza is an interesting place and it was good to try it out. It looks like they have a good set up for evening music performances with speakers and lights installed in the ceiling, and they have side rooms perfect for banquets or large private parties. My lunch date barely ate that much so perhaps she didn't enjoy the meal that much. I put a decent dent in everything as I started to feel more human after overdoing open bar at my friends' wedding the night before. Doubtful I'd go back, since the prices were a bit high, the service a bit slow, and the location inconvenient for some of my other friends who like Ethiopian food.

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