Monday, September 3, 2012

Relaxed Cooking over the holiday weekend

We stopped in Peking Gourmet Inn for dinner Friday night and enjoyed the duck, soup and baby bok choy with shiitake mushrooms. They were unfortunately out of the garlic chives so we couldn't order the pork with garlic chives. When we order more than we need, we take home the leftovers and reinvent them in other meals.
 Duck with bok choy, shiitake mushrooms, carrot and cilantro ramen.
A little unconventional, but I made a duck broth with the duck bones first, and it was super satisfying on a rainy, gray Saturday. For dinner, I used the leftover duck skin to make tacos with scrambled egg, cucumber and scallions. Along with some frozen shrimp dumplings I made last week, it was quick and easy dinner.
 I'm obsessed with the spicy flavors of Sichuan food.
This was a riff on dan dan noodles with the remaining shrimp dumplings.
I boiled some Korean noodles to mix with the ground pork with sesame oil, chilies, jalapeno, garlic and ground Sichuan peppercorn. By splitting the one serving of noodles into two, we were able to enjoy the flavor of the dish with a little less guilt. Next time I might add a bit of chicken broth to make it a little more soupy like the version at Sichuan Pavillion.


  1. Kia Ora (Greetings!)WCinDC. I have happened upon your blog, and do very much enjoy your pictures...there is certainly something special about sharing good soul soothing food with equally fine company. My husband and I travelled through DC a couple of years ago and took pleasure visiting a range of welcoming eateries. Keep posting! Kiwichic from New Zealand.