Sunday, February 5, 2012

Where did January Go?

Just like every year, 2012 started off with great intentions for new goals and plans for the year. Life became such a whirlwind that something had to give. Work has been increasingly stressful, topped with the annual application review that consumed the bulk of my free time this last month. No matter how busy you get, a girl's gotta eat. Here's a few of January's lunches, memorable and not.
Axian Club A sandwich on marbled rye bread. This bread is phenomenal and great bacon makes a great sandwich.
Pho #12 with eye of round steak
Axian bibimbap with fried tofu. I thought choosing tofu would be healthier, until they deep fried it. Still tasty.
Working Lunch at Council of the Americas. Veggie wrap with small salad.
Sichuan Pavilion noodle soup with shrimp, bamboo shoots, mustard greens, edamame. When I'm not feeling like eating the oilier mapo tofu noodle soup, this is a great alternative.
Homemade kale chips. Next time, I'll toss the kale in olive oil better. Tastes like nori, great workday snack.
Great part of couplehood, never having to choose which banh mi sandwich to eat. We share halves with each other. Both were very good, love the spice and cilantro garnishes too.
 Nooshi Shanghai wonton noodle soup with pork.
Wasn't super hot when it arrived at the table. Not bad, but not worth the price.
Kinkead's shrimp po'boy and New England chowder bar lunch menu item.
The po'boy was pretty underwhelming, but the chowder had nice chunks of fish and clams.

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