Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hong Kong Palace

Testing out Chinese restaurants in Falls Church, we finally tried Hong Kong Palace and their Sichuan menu. Located next to the Laotian-Thai restaurant in Seven Corners, this is a deceptively small restaurant with a lot of dishes full of heat and flavor. We were lucky to arrive for a late lunch and grab a table without waiting.
Dan Dan Mein Appetizer
This is a great dish to share. Very similar to the rendition served at Mala Tang, a sister restaurant in Arlington, I loved the spiciness, but wish the noodles were a thinner variety.
Definitely better after fully mixing the noodles and sauce together.
Zhong Dumplings
Pork dumplings steamed and tossed with a spicy sauce, definitely recommend.
Cumin lamb
With strong Indian influence, this was a spicy main entree we shared.
Asian eggplants in a spicy sauce.
Good, but we should have chosen one of the lighter green vegetable dishes to complement the other dishes.
Whole fish in spicy broth.
This is very similar to the dishes you can find at Uncle Liu's Hotpot and Mala Tang. Super mala numbing spiciness.
If  you have never visited Hong Kong Palace, you should. Great menu with a wide variety of Chinese dishes. If the restaurant was a little larger, this would be the place we'd celebrate our annual Chinese Bowling lunch in Falls Church. The large round tables fit around 6-8 guests.

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