Sunday, February 12, 2012

District Commons Lunch

Since my former office moved from the Foggy Bottom area to Dupont, I missed a lot of the changes that erupted around the Foggy Bottom metro area. Finally had a chance to check out District Commons restaurant for lunch with an old friend.
 The pretzel bread ($2) is one of their recommended items.
It's good. Great crust with a super soft and warm interior served with a mustard beer butter spread.
 Crabcake sandwich with sweet potato fries and remoulade sauce.
Advertised as a filler-free crabcake, it does deliver. Great brioche buns with roasted tomato. It's a super quality crabcake, although I disliked the waiter asking if I wanted the two crabcakes without the bread, recommended for people watching their figures.
Friday Lunch Special Oyster Loaf Sandwich with fries
Like an oyster po'boy on buttered slices of bread. Nice sized oysters are breaded and fried, not a dainty sandwich.
It's a good addition to the neighborhood but I won't be rushing back. It took over 10 minutes for our waiter to resurface and deliver a bill. At lunchtime, 90 minutes is not acceptable when there are no appetizers.

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