Sunday, February 5, 2012

Etete and Thievery Corporation at 9:30 Club

Early January, actually almost all of January, was incredibly busy for me. I didn't really think ahead well, but I'm glad I had already agreed to go to some fun non-work, non-after work-work events with some sweet friends. On a blustery cold Friday night I headed up to Etete to meet two lovely ladies for dinner before a 9:30 Club show. 
Lentil Samosas, super crunchy crust and delicious, savory filling. I totally want another one right now.
We shared the vegetarian sampler.
It was good with some of my favorites but I think Dukem has a better vegetarian platter.
I've never seen Thievery Corporation perform live. When a friend said she was getting tickets to the show and asked if anyone else wanted to go, I said yes, please. Apparently many other DC inhabitants love Thievery, the 3 days of shows were sold out. I love the second floor balcony at 9:30, there's a great bird's eye view, easy to see the stage, and no one crowding up too close and triggering my claustrophobia.

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