Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hank's Oyster Bar in Old Town

I have always like Hank's Oyster Bar, but the prices make it difficult to justify frequent dining there. For the price of two visits to Honey Pig, we enjoyed some delightful oysters and other small plates. Old Town has a different demographic, with more older couples and some families compared to the super hip 17th Street DC location. 
Hard to go to a place with "oyster bar" in the name without partaking of some of the daily selection of oysters.
Lovely bits of fish and shellfish in a savory broth. Perfect broth for dipping their bread into. Only service downside was having to ask for a basket of bread.
Sole in butter sauce with garlic slices.
My fiance loved this dish, but the stark difference between Hanks and most other restaurants is all sides including vegetables are ala carte. When the fish is priced over $20, throw in a vegetable please.

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