Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cho's Garden

After a Super H Mart shopping trip we ended up trying out Cho's Garden. Initially we tried to go to the food court area, but it had been recently remodeled with 1/3 of the seating removed. The food court was particularly busy and some other patrons were not interested in sharing the available table space with strangers. Selfish people stink.

Cho's has a decent assortment of panchan. I love marinated bean sprouts.
Cooked in the kitchen, it comes out on a hot plate already cut up. Taste was ok, but not the same as tabletop cooking. Especially odd since there's a burner in the table.
Yukke Jang
Spicy shredded beef soup with egg, fiddle head ferns and cellophane noodles. Super hearty, this is one of my fiance's favorite Korean stews.
Cho's Garden is not bad, but definitely not worth a destination trip. Prices were reasonable, and the fiance appreciated being able to watch the football game from our table, but the music they played was surreal and misplaced.

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