Thursday, October 28, 2010

Furin's in Georgetown

I like to support small family-owned establishments that serve good food.  Furin's is one of those places that is easy to miss unless you're familiar with the area.  It is predominantly a carry-out lunch spot that now serves breakfast and has some small tables.  Furin's also caters and make some lovely cakes. 
Turkey Club with pickle and Utz chips $7.95
Three Salad Sampler $8.25
Fruit, Tex-Mex corn and bean and pasta with spinach and garlic.
*** I've ordered birthday cakes from Furin's before, and they make a lovely 6" chocolate round cake for $18.99.  Their monthly window display is a whimsical exhibit that I've enjoyed walking by over the years.  Their staff is genial, the line moves quickly, and they make warming soups and chilis in the wintertime.

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