Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Experimenting with Spam

My boyfriend and I were walking around the grocery store and he remarked that he had never eated Spam and wondered what it was like.  He's an adventurous boy so we picked up a can.  My Korean friend loves pan-fried Spam with a fried egg.  With that in mind, I made him a Spam donburi.  A bowl of rice was topped with sauteed mushrooms, onions, spinach, shrimp tossed in kochujang, fried spam and a fried egg.  Last night, I used the leftover Spam for Spam Ramen. 
 Boiled eggs, fresh ramen noodles, corn, pickled ginger and the soup base.
 Pan-fried slices of Spam.
A bit of sesame seeds and dried nori plus green beans finish off the concoction.
Tonkotsu-shoyu, or a pork-based broth, worked well, however the Shoyu-aji, soy sauce flavored broth, was a little too salty with the addition of the fried Spam.  Surprisingly the green beans and Spam were a good combination.  The boyfriend has now experience Spam and although he enjoyed the ramen he preferred the donburi. 

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