Monday, September 20, 2010

Taylor's Gourmet Hoagies

H Street NE is the new hot neighborhood for bars and restaurants. The Red and the Black and the Rock and Roll Hotel are fun places to go and watch some live music. My better half's band played a show over there, and we finally had a chance to try out Taylor's Gourmet afterwards.
Fried Mozzarella Sticks ($4.50)
Pretty salty breading and a little average tasting, but the marinara sauce was great.
Pattison Avenue 12-inch hoagie ($9.50).
Broccoli rabe, aged provolone cheese, slices of roast pork with a hot au jus on a Sarcone Bakery bread (premier Philly bakery). This hoagie has been widely talked about on various food forums, so I suggested he try it.
Very nice bread. Chewy and soft.
Decent amount of toppings but not quite the same as Tommy DiNic's in Philadelphia.
Juicy and flavorful.
Taylor's has an annoying flash website. There's a nice selection of hoagies for carnivores, but vegetarian hoagie options are somewhat of an afterthought.
They've expanded from their H St NE location to the new City Vista development at 4th and K St NW, and now to Bethesda. For people who live too far from the Italian Store, it's a pretty decent alternative.

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