Friday, September 10, 2010

Ray's Hell Burger

Ahhh Notorious BIG...
Ray's Hell Burger in Rosslyn has a burger dubbed "The B.I.G. Poppa". It is a juicy 10 oz beef patty crusted in black pepper then grilled to your specification (or thereabouts). Then it's topped with aged Danish bleu cheese (this is a case where less is definitely more) and served with cognac and sherry sauteed mushrooms, slice of tomato and lettuce, with a toasted brioche bun. I believe they want to create a legion of converts to the joys of burgers grilled medium-rare.

The B.I.G. Poppa burger (We love it when you order B.I.G. Poppa)
Michael Landrum's got a sense of humor...

one B.I.G. Poppa medium rare with macaroni and cheese $7.95 (burger) + side order

one B.I.G. Poppa ordered medium with skin-on fries

stack on the deliciously ripe tomato slice

Gently add the mushrooms and top bun...

One method of it whole...(this was supposed to be the "medium"...erm...not so much.)

Leading to this.....

And then ultimately this finished plate... could cut the massive burger into halves (or even fourths) and attack it in a different manner.
If you notice, the bottom half of the bun is much thinner and becomes quickly saturated with the juices from the burger. To combat this, just flip the burger over for best results.


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