Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sichuan Pavillion and Service Issues

My better half loves spicy food. During the long weekend, we headed over to K Street for some fiery Sichuan noodles at one of his favorite places, Sichuan Pavilion, http://sites.google.com/site/sichuanpavilion/
Unfortunately, the weekend crew included a bizarre rotation of uniformed people lackadaisically tending to the tables. I'm pretty patient, but when we're waiting for 10 minutes without anyone bringing hot tea and water over to the table, and 2 tables who arrived after us already have theirs, it does not bode well.
After a rocky start, we finally had hot tea, water, cold Tsingtao beer and placed our order.
Pork Dumplings in Sichuan Sauce ($3.95) Jellyfish in ginger and scallion sauce ($5.95). Interesting texture and the flavor was a nice contrast to the spicier ma-la dishes. Egg drop soup with corn ($2.50).
Not really remarkable(Peking Gourmet Inn's version is miles better) and the corn did not add much to the overall flavor.

Dan Dan Mein Noodles in spicy sauce ($9.95) Ma-la dishes have a numbing and spicy composition that is quite addictive. The heat builds from the spicy sauce and your lips begin to feel both on fire and numb at the same time. A side order of sauteed spinach and the jellyfish are great to offset the heat. Super long noodles to slurp. Sichuan Pavilion's noodles are thin and very long, while Great Wall on 14th St uses thicker egg noodles.

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