Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ravi Kabob is better than Mehran

You know you have a winning formula when the demand is so high for your restaurant that you can open up a second place across the street without cannabalizing your current clientele. Highly recommended by Pakistani cab drivers, it's cash-only, not fancy, no alcohol, and my absolute favorite kabob restaurant in the area. Better than Moby Dick and the Afghan place, the bone-in kabobs are very tender although you can't go wrong with the Ravi combo of chicken and beef kabobs, and you definitely must try their chickpeas...
Ravi Kabob in Ballston

Chicken kabob ($9.50) up close... look how succulent...Lamb kabob ($9.50)a side of the delicious chickpeas lamb karahi
I've also tried out Mehran, the other Pakistani place Pakistani taxi drivers recommend.  Although farther away, I think Ravi is much better than Mehran in terms of flavoring and quality of ingredients.  Mehran's lunch buffet is quite popular and it's conveniently located near GWU, but the chana at Ravi and the kabobs outshine Mehran's.

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