Saturday, September 4, 2010

Embracing Gluttony at Ooohs and Aaahs then Ben's Chili Bowl

My better half's band had a show last night. After playing a good set and checking out the other bands, we went to a little dive on U Street. He's a southern boy at heart, and I knew he'd love Oohhs and Aahhs with its sweet tea, macaroni and cheese and other soul food staples. It's not a place for dainty portions, or the health-conscious, but it's extremely satisfying. It is a steamy, cash-only, hole-in-the-wall open late night near 10th and U Street NW. We split one meat + 2 sides meal and it was enough for two people.

Fried Catfish with macaroni and cheese and rice with gravy ($16.95)
I thought he would be satisfied with this post-show snack, but since we were on U Street, we wandered on down the street in a post-soul food bliss to a neighborhood legend...Ben's Chili Bowl (which is also cash-only).

Chili fries ($4.30) - Spicy chili blankets french fries
(if these were Five Guys fries, it would be amazing)

Bill Cosby's Original Chili Half-Smoke with mustard and onions ($5.45).
The halfsmoke was well-grilled, bathed in the spicy chili. Much better quality at the original Ben's than the version served at the National's baseball stadium.
We'll be working off this epic late night meal for the next few days with some day-long hikes and an all-fruit and vegetable diet. Oohhs and Aahhs has great catfish (blackened or fried), meatloaf, fried chicken wings, macaroni and cheese and yams. If you haven't stopped in there, you should.

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