Sunday, October 23, 2011

Vit Goel aka Lighthouse Tofu Restaurant

With few groceries in the refrigerator, we went to dinner in Annandale before our weekend trip to Philly. We had not been to Vit Goel in awhile and it seemed like a good time to return. We arrived to a super busy restaurant that appeared and remained understaffed the duration of our meal. Took a long time to have someone stop by to take our order, and an even longer time for our soon dubu to arrive after our hamul pajeon. Thankfully, the food was excellent as always.
 Hamul Pajeon, Small
Chunks of seafood and scallions in a pancake. Nice and crispy, excellent flavor and just the right size to share for two people.
 Assorted pan chan helped stave off hunger in between arrival of our meal.
Bubbling and spicy delight
I chose the mushroom version, which was excellent. After eating 1/3, I packed up the rest for a great breakfast the next morning. My boy went with a seafood combination, also spicy, and enjoyed every spoonful.

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