Monday, October 17, 2011

Engagement Dinner

We're not traditional people, we take a little bit of American culture and a little bit of Japanese culture and meld it into something new. However, my pre-engagement request was for my boyfriend to call to my dad and ask for permission. Despite his apprehension he successfully talked to my dad, got his blessing and proposed later in the day. (^o^) 
Eschewing the fancy dinner out, I felt like cooking something at home to celebrate the next step in our lives. We started out with some J cuvee sparkling wine and juicy strawberries.
 Zucchini and red onion tart
Tofu, vegetable nabe with fish balls.
Super excited to share the news with family and friends, I hope to stay relatively stress-free in figuring out how, when and where we'll get married. Wish me luck in reining in demands for an elaborate wedding. 

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