Saturday, October 8, 2011

Picking up Lunch at Nirvana Express

It was a busy week attending seminars. One the way to a discussion about Colombian Free Trade Agreement potential passage, I walked by one of the funniest car decals that I've seen in awhile. Usually you see the mom, dad, daughter, son plus family pet.  This one I dub... 
 "Crazy Cat Lady, and proud".
Walked up to the Nirvana Express counter and asked the nice man which curries were the spiciest. He suggested the palak paneer and the eggplant curries. With some rice and an extra container of spice paste, I was on my way back to my office to indulge in some Indian delight. The palak paneer was delicious although not super spicy, but the extra sauce did help kick up the spice-level. Definitely need to head back to Delhi Club in Clarendon for a chicken vindaloo to assuage my spice-craving.

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