Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dig the Pig

We got our influenza shots this week. My fiance's office building management is really stellar and set up a special day offering in-building flu shots for $30. His company offered $25 reimbursement for flu shots, and fortunately mine offers $30 reimbursement. It was nice to go together, and since we're both pretty bad sick patients, hopefully this added precaution will help us navigate the cold and flu system this year. With the first snowfall occurring in October, this is setting up to be a long winter. Feeling the effects of the shot, we headed to an early dinner at Honeypig after work. 
After a brief wait, we were led to a table in the back. While Honeypig does not have the best service for non-Korean speaking patrons, this was worse than normal. We were left sitting there for almost 15 minutes before someone came over to take our order. The saving grace was the non-Korean assistants who brought over water and the assorted panchan.
 Hamul Pajeon
There must be a new cook manning the pajeon orders, this version was a bit different than previous renditions. It was good, but still doesn't touch the Lighthouse Tofu hamul pajeon.
 Soon Dubu
Excellent version, a little spicier, and super hearty on a colder autumn evening.
The cooking style includes using cooking scissors to cut up the pieces of meat.
Korean is my fiance's second favorite food after Japanese. If we had better and less expensive Japanese restaurants near us, we probably would not have had so many dining adventures trying out the area's Korean restaurants. It's nice to grill the meat on the tabletop in front of us, although it's not quite like yakiniku. I like the spicy pork belly with grilled kimchee and bean sprouts, but he feels like it's not really bbq if it's not beef. 

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