Sunday, October 2, 2011

Vermillion Brunch

49F is way too cold for the beginning days of October. There, I said it. What ever happened to the gentle Indian summer of my youth where the temperatures stayed at a nice 60-70? Fortunately the temperatures are expected to return to the 70s in a few days, but this cold snap is just a hint the long winter ahead. My boyfriend is embracing the cold weather, proving that opposites do attract. 
 Continuing on the investigation of brunch menus in Old Town, I met up with my friend to catch up before her month fills up with out of town guests and running events. Spicy Bloody Mary with a good mix of horseradish was a perfect start. 
 Brunch Double Cheeseburger.
Garganelli pasta with bolognese sauce.
We were upstairs, which was supposed to have more atmosphere, however our table was located particularly close to a couple who were on either a first or second date. Pretty painful to listen to the male rant on and on about a certain former meat-loving now vegan former president's multiple indiscretions. 
The pasta had a truly lovely sauce, one I'd like to one day learn how to make myself. Just another time when my dining partner orders a better meal than me. The burger... I remember the chef used to cook at Circle Bistro and that was a fantastic burger with a buttery brioche bun. This burger had two patties, with a smokehouse sauce and cheddar cheese. More is not always better. Definitely salty, the half I ate put me into an intense salt-coma afternoon nap. 
The service was pretty good, they had an excellent Bloody Mary, but the Brunch menu is a bit limited. Also, with the high only 49F, a cold red pepper soup was just not planning ahead well. I definitely would have preferred a hot soup and salad over the salt bomb. None of the brunch menus I've tried so far hold a candle to the fantastic breakfast menus from Asheville, NC. 

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