Saturday, October 15, 2011

Finally Assuaged the Spice Craving

During our near-weekly Super H journey we stopped for dinner at the Food Court. I thought it was interesting that even here, the cooks in the kitchen are Hispanic. There's a remarkable ability to learn how to cook a variety of cuisines, and cook them well that I've witnessed throughout the years. Look at the line of most restaurants, and you're going to find at least a few Hispanic employees. At the restaurant I worked at during college, the line staff was 90% Hispanic, mostly from the Dominican Republic and Honduras, and I learned my first cooking tricks by watching them.
But I digress. This meal finally hit the right notes of hot and spicy that I had been searching for all week. While the boy stuck with his favorite standby, I tried out a slightly different version of jjamppong.
 Mixed seafood and vegetable medley jjamppong.
The broth is so fiery and spicy, it hit the spot and I really like the long noodles. I even liked the addition of sweet bell peppers and broccoli.
He loves this. Shredded short rib beef in a spicy broth with glass noodles and vegetables.
Despite my spicy bowl of jjamppong arriving before him, he sat there watching me slowly toil through the big bowl with his bowl and rice empty. We talked about how Japanese people are taught to slurp noodles, making noise, and how my family was not. No slurping, no noisy eating at my mom's table. And definitely no swiveling in the chair. I failed to follow the last rule a lot.

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