Saturday, October 29, 2011


Wednesday nights at Screwtop, select bottles of wine are discounted $10. This week, Italian wines were on special. With a lovely red, I caught up with two of my Arlingtonian friends, one also engaged in October, and one I hope to hear becomes engaged shortly. Screwtop really is a cute place, with some fantastic cheese selections to accompany the wine. 
 Baked Goat with chutney and toasted baguette.
Really formidable warm chevre cheese rolled in Herbs de Provence, with a great chutney spread. Fantastic along with the red wine. This was great to share.
BBQ Beef Sliders
Great brioche buns topped with braised beef and Texas-style bbq sauce.
BBQ Beef Quesadilla
Braised beef with carmelized onions, a mixture of cheese and grilled on a pannini press. 
Screwtop's a cute place, I just wish it wasn't so far away from my new apartment. Every time I go to Screwtop, I love the cheese plates and wine, but forget to eat anything more substantial. Maybe a nice crudites and dip plate would be a good addition. I was temped by the macaroni and cheese, although that would be a bit of cheese overkill after the goat. 

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