Sunday, October 2, 2011

Au Bon Pain

Japanese pastries are lovely, with a delicate flavor and texture, and not generally as super sugary as American sweet things. The pastry size is much larger as well. 
In an attempt to sweeten up the meeting with a program collaborator, I stopped by a few area spots looking for some nice pastries to go with some coffee. Marvelous Market was not so marvelous in terms of baked breakfast treats. Pret a Manger may be "ready to eat", but it does a better job with sandwiches and salads. Au Bon Pain had a decent variety, but still does not hold a candle to the memories of bakeries throughout Japan. Some days, I really miss the sandwiches from the bakeries next to most train stations, crusts cut off with soft bread and a variety of fillings. Unfortunately, our guest was not interested in exchanging pleasantries over coffee and pastries. Something tells me that relations will continue to be strained. 

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