Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

One day a year, we gather together with friends and family to share a meal and give thanks for all the good things we have. Despite ups and downs in life, one constant positive is Thanksgiving, which remains firmly ingrained in the American psyche. It's a unifying national force, whether you like turkey or prefer a different main dish, it's about realizing all the things we have to truly be thankful for and sharing with others. With this in mind, we opened up our home to friends and family.
4:30 am skillet cornbread, apple pie, pumpkin pie
cranberry orange walnut bread and muffins, spinach gratin.
I'm thankful for the beautiful flowers from my sweet fiance.
I'm thankful that my fiance was in charge of the turkey this year. 
He believes in fully cleaning the turkey inside and out.
Beautifully roasted turkey.
Maybe it was all the skin manipulation or butter he massaged under the skin, but it was a lovely brown.
After realizing there were so many butter-laden dishes, I decided to add something a little lighter and brighter than my non-turkey eating friend could enjoy.
Shrimp, olives, artichokes, cucumber, parsley and orzo with a lemon-oregano dressing.
I made homemade cranberry sauce this year. 
It's not for everyone, but I loved the tartness as a palate refresher from the creamy spinach, mushroom gravy and dressing. Delicious food, good company and I got other people to play Scrabble with me. I'm thankful that my friend saw my post about pie dough failure and brought over a much-appreciated cherry pie and one of my favorite wines, Albarino. I'm also thankful that my fiance and I have 5 days off from work together, the first mini vacation since last Christmas.

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