Sunday, November 13, 2011

Daniel O'Connells Part Deux

We headed back to Daniel O'Connells over the weekend for an early dinner. We learned last time that the restaurant fills up fairly early, especially when the upstairs area is booked for a private party. Although it was a bit cold outdoors, it was super cozy and warm upstairs.
 Beer-Battered Bangers with Fries and Curry Sauce
Although this plate was under the "appetizers" section, it's really a full meal. Great curry sauce and really nice fried sausages. Ordinary frozen fries.
 Shrimp Cocktail
I don't know why but this appealed to me.
 Guinness Cheeseburger on a bed of mashed potatoes
Burger is cooked to order, covered in Guinness cheese and sauteed onions, gravy  and two fried onion rings.
Mussels in White Wine with cream and bacon
Good but super salty.
Dinner was good, although the debate over where to house hunt was less agreeable. Unfortunately with the high price for houses in my preferred areas and our budget, buying a house with any amount of land is not possible unless we venture out to Loudoun County or farther afield. I've never had a driving desire to own an expansive home, and I definitely don't see the value in moving an hour+ car commute from where we work. HGTV marathons of House Hunters and Holmes Inspection also has me a bit wary.. I'm finally comfortable in Alexandria and hopefully we can find something that fits us without moving into suburbatory. 

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