Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sushi Express Bento

The office was closed on Monday and Tuesday because of Hurricane Sandy. Our New York office was also closed for both days, and many could not make it into the midtown Manhattan office on Wednesday with the subway still closed. By Thursday about 80% made it into the office, which is pretty remarkable considering many still were without power at home and the subway was limited. 
Catching up on everything, I ran some errands and picked up a bento from Sushi Express on 20th Street.
Rice with a small sliver of unagi and sauce; two slices of tuna; two shumai (a little cold); broiled salmon; kabocha; broccoli goma-ae and daikon salad with carrots and firm tofu. I prefer ordering a couple of maki instead, but this was decent with choice of small miso soup or salad for $11 total.

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