Sunday, November 18, 2012

Korean BBQ at Home

The husband loves Korean bbq with a capital "L". I've grown decidedly less fond of Honeypig, which he still really likes. Why don't I like it anymore? Maybe it was the crowds driven by Groupons and Living Social deals exacerbating the already long waits, perhaps it is because of the repeated surly and inattentive waitstaff, or maybe I've grown out of the introductory phase of Korean BBQ and am ready for something more. Trying to find a happy medium, we picked up sliced beef short ribs, kimchi, and vegetables to cook at home.
The electric teppanyaki grill pan is fantastic.
Mushrooms, potatoes, red bell pepper, zucchini; marinated beef short ribs.
While this did make our living room a little on the smoky side, this was a delicious dinner with bowls of rice, kimchi and salted seaweed. No need to wait for a table and surly service not required.

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