Sunday, November 4, 2012

Overwood Brunch

We drove out to Bristow last night to try and catch the Obama campaign event. Checking out the online schedule, I saw that Obama would not take the stage until 10:40 pm. We stopped off in Virginia Gateway shopping center in Gainesville, VA to grab something to eat. Unfortunately, by the time we finished eating and headed over to Cedar Drive, the parking lots reached capacity and the police were blocking the access roads. Sigh. 
The husband was definitely disappointed by the missed chance to hear some acoustic Dave Matthews, and listen to Obama and Bill Clinton rally the supporters before the election. After enjoying an extra long sleep-in thanks to the end of Daylight Savings Time, we both squeezed in workouts before heading out for brunch at Overwood in Old Town. 
Hello my pretty.
Fried Chicken and Biscuit with Mushroom-Sage Gravy
Instead of my regular order of Eggs Chesapeake (perfectly poached eggs with crabcakes, I tried something new. The menu was full of mouth-watering combinations. The fried chicken was nicely fried, with good seasoning and still juicy meat. The sage overpowers the mushrooms a little, but works nicely when all  of the components are together. Definitely need extra gravy to dip the biscuit into.
Asiago grits with poached eggs, bacon and toast.
Buttermilk pancakes with blueberries.
The husband went for a big breakfast. One of the eggs was poached a little too long, but the other egg was perfectly runny. The grits are very good, but get cold quickly. Overwood does a really nice brunch, with a number of creative, southern-inspired dishes. After all of this, time for a little afternoon nap while the Redskins toy with our hearts for another week.

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