Monday, November 1, 2010

Old Ebbitt Grill in DC

We meant to go to the Rally to Restore Sanity and even rode bikes up from Old Town.  But my stomach started to protest once we hit the streets of DC.  Messages from my friend on the Mall confirmed that acquiring a seat, a well-earned beverage and some food was the better way to go.
 Off the back bar there's a hidden, quieter nook and excellent perches for people-watching.  We saw many costumed-people carrying signs amble by.
On this cool crisp autumn day, oysters called to us.
 We ordered a dozen oysters from the East Coast.  ($23.95)
The East Beach Blonde (RI) and Harpswell Flat (ME) were my favorite.  The Raspberry Point (PEI) and Wellfleet (MA) were my boyfriend's favorite.
 We also ordered a dozen Jonah crab claws ($16.95)
The glutton in me wished there was a ramekin of drawn butter to dip the crabmeat into.
 French Dip au Jus sandwich ($10.95)
 Fish and Chips ($13.95)
We should have just shared one sandwich after the raw bar order.  Our bike ride home was definitely slower.  Unfortunately the  bartender left a lot to be desired.  We saw he was getting busier, but providing plates and napkins with silverware after we ordered food would have been appreciated.  Then his slow pace and surly handling of the growing number of patrons was noticed by not only us but other parties nearby who waited and waited to order drinks.

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