Sunday, January 1, 2012

Office Dinner with Japanese Homecooking

My boss hosted an office dinner to celebrate the return visit of a colleague reassigned to Tokyo and the wedding of my coworker. Unfortunately both my fiance and her husband had caught colds and had to cancel at the last minute. Their loss, it was a delicious dinner. His wife is a remarkable cook, and the care and thought she put into the dishes were evident from first smell, sight and taste.
 Kamaboko, satsuimo (mountain potato), konnyaku, simmered burdock root wrapped with thin-sliced beef, snow peas and carrots.
 Lemon pepper chicken wings, salt-roasted new potatoes.
 Freshly fried kushikatsu with pork and onion.
 Tonkatsu sauce on the pork and onion kushikatsu.
 Homemade chirashi sushi.
Perfectly seasoned and cooked sushi rice.
Tonjiru Soup
Pork, onions and carrot in a delicate broth.
Homemade tofu balls, cheesecake, annin dofu and fresh fruits with coffee rounded out the amazing dinner. 

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