Sunday, January 1, 2012

Full Kee, Full Bellies

We watched Kung Fu Panda recently, and I love the scenes with Po eating dumplings and noodle soups. Fortunately, my fiance is also easily persuaded by what we watch. The dilemma was whether to head to Peking Gourmet Inn or Full Kee. Since PGI is super busy normally and extra busy during the holidays, we ventured over to Full Kee for Cantonese.
 Steamed Dumplings
The wrapper is thicker than I prefer.
 Wonton noodle soup with roast duck
While the soup was good and I liked the wontons and noodles, the roast duck was a little greasy. 
 My fiance loves the roast duck here.
I am less of a fan and prefer the style at PGI instead.
 Best Dish
Sauteed snow peas with garlic. 
Seafood Panfried Noodles
We liked the thinner crunchy noodles with this dish compared to the version at PGI. The seafood assortment and sauce is better at PGI, but priced $20 less, the Full Kee version is a more affordable alternative.

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