Saturday, December 3, 2011

Work Day Lunches

I know I need to hit the gym after this week of gluttony. Work has been super stressful, with last minute, time sensitive research assignments for briefing the company President. Working until 8:30, 9 pm to meet deadlines and juggle seminars and think tank events, this has been a rough week at work. Man I need another vacation already. 
 Sichuan Express Buffet
Love the mapo tofu and sauteed baby bok choy. This is always the longest line in the food court, and for good reason. Great value and delicious food.
 Axian Daily Special
Chicken Cheesesteak and Bacon with Fries.
I should have stuck with a less caloric indulgence, but I needed some grease after my meeting fell through with the ethanol lobby. Definitely hate when someone cancels the meeting via email less than 3 hours before.
Havana Cafe Quarter Chicken with two sides.
They are very generous with the sides, with a piquant salad dressing and good black beans. This time the chicken was perfect, still juicy and wonderfully flavorful, falling off the bone. Delightful. Super filling.

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