Saturday, December 3, 2011

Choong Hwa in Annandale

It appears almost every country has their own Chinese-influence cuisine. Unlike the grease-laden American-Chinese, Korean-Chinese food is spicy and delicious with a plethora of vegetables. Heading to Annandale with a friend to catch up, we ended up having lunch at Choong Hwa, a Korean-Chinese place near Shilla Bakery. 
 Bibimbap with rice on the side
Hamul Pajeon (seafood pancake) with jjambbong (seafood noodle soup)
This pancake was nice but not as delicious as the version served at Lighthouse (Vit Goel). The server cuts the noodles with scissors if you wish. In a spicy broth, it's a great warming noodle soup. Delicious lunch with a lovely friend. We had a stimulating talk about the nuclear crisis in Japan and how the radiation has turned her beautiful Fukushima hometown to an area of continual concern. While she wishes her family would leave the area and move elsewhere, it's not that easy to find new employment and a home. I understand that there's a fighting spirit and I hope the people will がんばれ!

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