Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sichuan Pavilion on K St

This week was worst than most. Had a 2-day conference in a Woodley Park hotel. The main challenge was surviving the 90 minutes commute including transferring to the Red Line at Chinatown, which is an exercise in extreme restraint. Too many people trying to fit into the trains, with massive clumping around the doors. Add a brute who shoves you out of the way to get on the train after you couldn't fit onto the first two trains, and it's a recipe for a miserable morning commute. 
After 9 hours of conference time, returned to the office to find a slew of time sensitive research requests. Five hours later, finally finished and met up with my hard-working fiance. Lacking the energy to head home and cook something, we went to our favorite Sichuan place near our offices.
 beef dumplings in spicy sauce
Sauce lacked the normal umph.
 Dan Dan Mein
My favorite dish. Love the noodles with fiery meat and spinach sauce.
Baby Bok Choy with Shiitake Mushrooms; Steamed Beef
This spicy red bowl of beef is intensely hot and spicy. The beef is soft in texture. On a cold night, this was super warming. With a Tsingtao and good conversation with my special guy, fabulous way to end a long day.

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