Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sakura in Fair Oaks

My husband loooves the hibachi table restaurants, which help him reminisce his childhood in Columbus, GA. I'm not as big of a fan, but mostly because it's too salty. Once in a while, we indulge his craving. After heading to a golf shop to get kitted out with some hot weather-appropriate golf clothes for our upcoming golf lessons, we went to a late dinner at nearby Sakura.
 Cold Sapporo and salty osuimono soup.
 Hibachi chef cooking the vegetables for the fried rice.
 Prepping for the onion volcano.
 Add the second liquid.
 Onion Volcano! 
 Cooking mushrooms and shrimp.
 Fried rice and cooking seafood.
 Shrimp and lobster finishing up on the grill.
Shrimp and ribeye steak hibachi dinner.
Soooo super salty, I fell almost immediately in a salt coma. The theatrics of the hibachi chef were well-done without being super over the top. 

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