Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dickson Wine Bar

At the suggestion of the effervescent Ms. K, we headed up to U Street after Pearl Dive Oyster Bar to Dodge City for sausages. Unfortunately we arrived 30 minutes before they opened for the night. Instead we wandered next door to Dickson Wine Bar. I haven't been back in a while, but it's a relaxing and cute wine bar. Apparently there's a new chef at Dickson, a low point were the spicy marcona almonds but the rest of the small plates were good.
A bit tart from citrus, great with wine.
Hard to mess up, these were great with a nice spicy flavor.
 Hummus with warm pita triangles.
Waitress-recommended bbq chicken flatbread.
Great smoky flavor from the bbq sauce with fresh, bright flavors from the cilantro and carrots.
Great evening with the ladies, and fortunately my sweet husband arrived with our chariot to drive us home.

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