Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Return to Lyon Hall

I'm a fan of Lyon Hall in Clarendon.  Their brunch offers a nice array of breakfast (great donuts) and more substantial options.  I really enjoy their mussels and frites.  My first visit was in August. Since their food tends towards the heavier side, I wished they had a few lighter options.  Now, with the brisk winter weather upon us, their menu is perfect. 
 Bratwurst Kaiserkrainen ($18).  Bratwurst with brussels sprouts, walnuts, apple schnapps jus, gruyere and potato-parsnip puree. 
Black Canyon Filet Mignon 8 oz ($23).  shallot marmalade, potato-parsnip puree, carmelized endive, watercress salad and fried salsify.
I had the mussels frites ($15) with white wine, garley, parsley and some fabulously crispy frites.  The mussels at Bistro la Bonne were a little plumper, but these were lovely too.  Try the beer tasting for a nice selection of drafts ($10).  It's an interesting menu that changes seasonally.  The Grilled Pear Salad ($8) was excellent, and I hope they bring back the tomato-peach salad next summer.

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