Monday, March 7, 2011

Saturday Brunch at Mark's Duck House

With the unexpected shutoff of the water supply, we debated where to venture for brunch.  Tossing out a few options, we settled on dim sum at Mark's Duck House.  There are probably better dim sum venues in Silver Spring, but MDH is closer.  One day we'll give Fortune and Hong Kong Palace a shot, when we're feeling adventurous. 
Panfried Chive Dumpling
Har Gao
Steamed Vegetable Dumplings
Crispy Pork
Steamed Spare Rib - gelatinous and unctuous
Gai Lan - Chinese Broccoli with oyster sauce
Usually we're pretty satisfied with dim sum at Mark's, although we noticed the selection was not as expansive as usual by 11:30 am.  Some of my favorite items were not in steady rotation, unless they were already nicked from the carts before they reached us.

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