Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pho Hot in Annandale

We've had an extraordinarily busy weekend, between volunteer events, Ikea field trip and ensuing assembly projects, and setting up our new apartment.  Today we tackled dropping off donations at Goodwill, excursions to Micro Center and Home Depot, grocery shopping at Super H Mart, living room organization and laundry.  With all these activities ahead of us, we started off the day with pho at a spot my boyfriend found a few weeks ago.
 I do like that the menu includes bun and other items like summer rolls and spring rolls.  We went with the lighter summer rolls instead of the deep-fried spring rolls.  They were standard.
I chose a regular #5.  The broth was light and had a slight cinnamon essence.  At $7.50 for a regular and $9 for a large, the bowls were more expensive than what you'll find at Pho 75.  I felt like we were paying more per bowl for the decor than the more utilitarian but ultimately tastier Pho 75 bowls.

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